Why Leadership is Not that Good for your Career

leader or bossNowadays, corporate life is no longer as simple as it was before. First, we had a boss, who had employees. The boss told the employees what their tasks were, and they executed the work – a simple, straightforward approach. But now things have changed; the importance of employee motivation has finally been recognized, and team members are expected to work closely together. As a result, managers were convinced to be leaders, and not bosses anymore.

The boss turned out to be the evil villain of the story. Nobody wants to have a boss or – for god’s sake! – to become one. Being a leader is great; you work with people who deeply respect you, you feel good about yourself, you are some kind of superhero. But, is being a leader good for your career?

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Behavioural Genetics: Why You Are More Than Your Résumé

résuméWork experience is usually measured in years. If time is a valid measurement of work experience, then it is logical to conclude that two employees working for the same period of time in the same profession (and for the sake of simplicity at the same company and department) will have similar work experiences. Is this a reasonable assumption?

The answer is clearly no.

The assumption, work experience can be measured in years is closely related to the belief that learning is a reaction to the environment, where the environment shapes the human behavior. This environmentalist point of view emphasizes the environment as a trigger of learning processes and underestimates intra-individual differences in interests, motivation and personality. Continue reading

Tech Companies and the Cart Before the Horses

Does your product solve a problem?Almost every article about entrepreneurship will at some point repeat the mantra “find a problem and offer a solution for it”. Problem-solution, problem-solution, it is really easy to remember it. However, no matter how simple the concept sounds, many tech companies don’t get it right.

The Reason? People with tech background have such a passion for new developments that they focus more on the technology than on the solution. Many tech companies are born with the cart before the horses: they first concentrate their attention to their know-how and later they see what they could do with it. The result: they have an amazing product, using an incredible technology, with award winning complex algorithms, which nobody wants.
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50 Seconds Intercultural Training with Google

google intercultural-facebookThe training industry is now exploding with cross-cultural workshops and as an expert about international insanity, it is time for Insanity Corp to develop its own intercultural training. In 50 Seconds we will show you that the world is not homogeneous crazy, but every country has its own weirdness.

Let’s start exploring cultural differences by asking ourselves “what do people over the world are looking for?”

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The Irrational Fear of Quitting a Job

Fear of Quitting a JobBefore going to university, we think very carefully about the profession we want to pursue. Choosing a career is a very important task, after all, we don’t want just a job, but the one which will inspire us the most. We want a job which thrills us, where we can get the most of ourselves. And then, 10 years later, we stick with a job that doesn’t meet our needs anymore. What we have now is “just a job”. We might feel bored, under-challenged, stressed. That is not what we dreamed about, so… How did this happen?

Many people have the inclination to stay longer in a position than they should. Even if someone has a vast number of reasons to leave a company, there is an irrational fear of quitting a job. Even if we are unhappy, stressed, lacking motivation, quitting a job involves a lot of strength. Between the moment of realizing that we should quit the job and the moment we actually quit, sometimes years pass by. Why? Continue reading

Why a New Employee Won’t Innovate

new employeeThe advantages of recruiting new employees are praised over and over again and have become a commonplace in Management. Recruiting external professionals shall increase the team’s diversity and stimulate changes and innovation. However, do organizations really profit from the ideas new employees bring into the company?

Unfortunately not. Several organizations are not able to benefit from the vast knowledge which new employees bring along. We all agree: as time goes by, groups and departments become a victim of groupthink, which results in a loss of creativity and biased decision making processes. However, is a new hire really able to influence this process? Continue reading

When You Should Fire Someone… But You Don’t

Should_fire_but_dontBefore we start: this text is not about encouraging companies to go ahead firing whoever they want as it would be no big thing. To lose a job is a serious setback and the decision to dismiss someone must be taken carefully. However, as companies sometimes fire staff members for the wrong reasons, sometimes they keep employees for erroneous reasons as well. This is what this text is about.

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Probably every company knows the situation: you hired someone convinced that the person was the right choice. But he wasn’t. Maybe it was only a month ago and you have already realized that it is not going to work. However, even if you are not convinced about your employee’s performance, you do not want to dismiss him, because: Continue reading

The Importance of Not Having Time

23488042_mTime is the most valuable resource we own as individuals because for every goal we want to accomplish, we must inject a certain amount of time into it. We invest time to execute our next career step, to set up a new business, we need time to spend with our kids or to take a vacation.

Time has also a special character: it is usually perceived as limited and unlimited at the same time. We all agree that our personal time is limited, no one questions the fact that one day we all will inevitably die. However, since we do not know how much time we have, we deal with it as an unlimited resource.
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The Employment.

“An alternative view of the daily work routine.”

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Are You a Scrum Monk?

Introducing Scrum to a team or organizationScrum – an agile software development framework – has become so popular in the software industry as flared pants in the hippie scene. Which is great, of course. However, what is not so great is how some people are getting fanatic about it.

Sometimes one can get the impression that Scrum wasn’t developed by normal people like you and me, but inscribed by God on two stone tablets and given to Moses in a rainy day. Scrum should be a tool and not a religion. Instead of getting fanatic about Scrum, embrace it, use it and change it according to your needs. Continue reading