50 Seconds Intercultural Training with Google

google intercultural-facebookThe training industry is now exploding with cross-cultural workshops and as an expert about international insanity, it is time for Insanity Corp to develop its own intercultural training. In 50 Seconds we will show you that the world is not homogeneous crazy, but every country has its own weirdness.

Let’s start exploring cultural differences by asking ourselves “what do people over the world are looking for?”

We will answer this question based on four nationalities: Americans, Germans, Brazilians and the French. But before we go on, share your experiences with us! If you have one of the nationalities mentioned above, leave a comment with the four things that you believe people in your country are searching for the most.

Done? Thank you! Now we will invite our search specialist Dr. Google, to help us answer this question.

(If you do not know Google’s instant auto complete mechanism, here is some information about it: http://searchengineland.com/how-google-instant-autocomplete-suggestions-work-62592)

Dr. Google is telling us that Americans are mostly searching for love. And Chuck Norris. Dear American entrepreneurs, do you see this huge, uncovered market here? Please help people to find Chuck Norris!


Germans are mostly trying to find 1) friends; 2) themselves; 3) out what they want; and 4) a man. It reminds one of the teen years, doesn’t it? This is a very important finding, if considering the position of the German economy in the world. It shows that – despite of what many articles about career say – you can be successful without having friends, knowing who you are or what you want. At least if you are German.


If you thought that Brazilians are only looking for beautiful girls and new samba melodies, you are completely wrong! Brazilians are most concerned about finding diamonds in Minecraft. When not playing Minecraft, Brazilians are looking for postal codes, gold and trying to find out how to calculate percentages. Wait, did I mention that Brazilians are looking for gold? (No, you cannot easily find gold in Brazil, even if there is a wikihow article explaining how to do it).


And now we come to the French, which of course are very famous when it comes to relationships. What makes it even more surprising to know that the French are very frequently looking for… the G.spot! (which – believe it or not – actually was found by a German!). However, when French lovers have already found the spot, they are mostly searching for a job, their IP address and, of course, love. 

Moral of the story: cultural differences are much bigger than you think and no country is completely exempted of a certain degree of weirdness.


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