Top Fallacies Making You Stick with a Job You Hate

fallacies to stick with the jobYour job is not fulfilling anymore, but you have a good reason to not quit. Is that reason really so good? The top reasoning errors making you stick with your job:

    • Quitting will add a flaw to my résumé:
      Of course it sounds great to have five years experience as an executive consultant. And yes, it really doesn’t sound that nice to leave your company after the first year. But who cares? If you are so worried about how your résumé looks like, then maybe you should come up with something better than a piece of paper to get forward with your career.
      Your résumé should emphasize your achievements and not the places where you wasted your time. If you want to get forward, then you should think more about how to develop your potential and not about working for this or that company for a certain amount of time. You will always achieve more in the job that you really go for. Motivation is and has always been the key.

  • You don’t want to let your company down:
    It’s touching how some people develop a sense of marriage with their company. You feel that you have to stay together in the good and the bad. But does your company see your relation in the same way? Many organizations praise how much they care about their employees, but that’s all about the good times. It is hard to imagine a stakeholder injecting more money into the organization only to avoid that employees get fired. It does not mean you work for the devil, it is just how capitalism works.
    The moral of the story: having a loyal relationship to your company is wonderful, but never forget to check if it still is a win-win situation. It does not matter if the profits are financial or intellectual, if you are not winning anymore, I’m sorry, but it is time to go.
  • You feel responsible for your subordinates:
    Some managers have such a great relationship with their subordinates, that they see them as part of a family. And after so many years working together, you feel you cannot just move on and leave them behind. Such a collectivist orientation might be a great characteristic for leading a team,  however, for those it is crucial to learn how to separate between common and personal goals. If your main goal is not to help people, then you really should take a break and think about yourself this time.
  • You reached a deadlock:
    At some point of your career, your position in the company is so high, your salary so great or your expertise so specific, that you do not have many chances of getting another job without losing something. At this point, it might be very hard to make a step back, but sometimes it’s needed. There is much more growing potential when you have different paths to follow than when you are on a one-way-street. It is like gardening; if you want a tree to grow stronger, then cut back some branches.

Your job is not fulfilling anymore, but you stay because one of the reasons above? It is time to reconsider your priorities! Don’t be a victim of excuses, feel responsible for yourself or nobody will.

Your opinion matters! What is stopping you from quitting a job that is not fulfilling anymore? Share your experiences with us!

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