Welcome to Insanity Corp!

Business does not always make sense, huh? That’s exactly what Insanity Corp wants to show you, how irrational corporate world can be. If you are tired of the hundred management books telling you the holy five tips about leadership, then welcome to Insanity Corp.

We are here to bring conventional management into question. We want to know why worldwide only 13% of the employees are engaged at work [1], when everybody knows the top secrets of motivation and personal development. You read about employee motivation, then you turn the page, and you read about burn outs increasing. Makes sense, right? Our objective is that people stop repeating words like “Empowerment” or “Leadership” fifty times a day just because it sounds nice and start to think what it really means to empower or lead people.

We have just started, please feel free to give us some feedback, suggestions  and of course, to subscribe to get new articles. And please don’t forget to share our site with your colleagues, partners and friends.

And if you are in Germany, stop by for a beer.

[1] Crabtree, Steve. “Worldwide, 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work”. Gallup World. 8 October 2013. Web. 03.04.2014, http://www.gallup.com/poll/165269/worldwide-employees-engaged-work.aspx

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Insanity Corp!

  1. Gotta to love the corporation, afforded the rights but not the accountability of a person, but can play a larger role in political outcomes and in the creation or removal of laws. The constant dogma of do-this-get-that, be-this-gain-that, creates a nice perception of a carrot, that will produce more then it receives. However, in the end when the balance sheet is final, it will be people that are impacted, as a corporation exists only in name. To the employee of the future, you best be focused on building the skills and foundation to work with a corporation in the future, not for one. At some point, a liberating innovation will place the value more in the hands of those who create it, normalizing the return to the corporate shareholder.

  2. Hello there!
    My name is Melanie Cobb. I am a Life Transformation Coach and Professional Wild Woman who helps people quit their jobs, jump off the conveyor belt, and design lives they really love! I’ve been researching in this field for the past three years, including traveling all over this country (49 states) to talk to people who have quit successfully and are loving it. I’ve also personally helped more than 100 people all over the world through my private coaching practice.

    I LOVE what you’re up to here on this site! I’ve already posted one of your articles to my social media pages and subscribed to your newsletters. What’s next for you, and how can I support it? I think we’re barking up the same tree here, and it’s always nice to have company on a mission like this!

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I’m holding a free teleseminar this Thursday called, “The Five Keys to Quitting Your J-O-B!” which addresses many of the topics you write about here on your blog. I thought you and your readers might like to be part of it. You can register here: http://www.journeytowildness.com/quit-your-j-o-b.html

    Looking forward to connecting further and joining forces to help the world break out of corporate prison and into a life of freedom and bliss!

    In grateful partnership,
    Melanie Cobb

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